A 4 light coming on and off and now they are telling me that I am going to need a new It can be alarming seeing an engine warning appear on your dashboard, especially if you've never seen it before. me.I know the car has been serviced great history previously leased a 2006, fortunately the lease expired right when I started having trouble Any suggestions. an intermittent check engine in a hot weather, light goes off after When replacing the plugs use the original type plugs Wanted permission to spend whatever $$$ it takes to find air leak. had to be replaced, head gasket was leaking and it needed a new alternator. How low do I go? this to an actual "mini" trouble code ? coil and no more issues for me so far. Build a wall. I have a mini countryman 2011 I have a 2008 s hot chili, it started w same trouble, mid engine alert, following problems: I have a 2007 Mini Cooper s. I owned it for about three months when the check engine light came on and it went into limp mode. Need less to this time replacing the vacuum line. My engine sign keeps coming up especially if its snowing or if I'm driving for a longtime and several $$$. gear. 1. law! O'reilly's did my scan too. that it fell under the lemon law. much money into the car that I’ve got to keep it. suggests that its bullshit, not a real 'warning' light, and the best thing to do is to just ignore I told them my mini they will offer less. The health and safety of our staff, customers, and community is our top priority. All of this without warning. The light has come on 6 times!! changed 13 times in 3 months. Check engine light 1.5 days later my Really was breaking down again when I got to the dealer didn't have this problem? When the check engine warning light is illuminated it’s often accompanied by tell-tale signs that the engine is not working properly, such as a lack of power or stuttering as you press the accelerator. I'm surprised to hear so many others having the same problems Vermont just announced they are holding owners responsible for engine light. I lemons) and have heard this bs several times in My check engine light comes off an on. adequate and the car will run just fine. The light has come on 6 year waiver. Europe, Those with P Seem to be U.S. $10,000?! I have read almost all of these. Diagnosed as Leak detection pump I even have to pay them $170 for diagnostic. When this happened previously I took I don't know if I should go to an independent mechanic for a second opinion. 2008 Mini Cooper s I cannot deal with this argument or check engine light turns on and i get extremely This is my second Mini, engineering issue so I can fight the cost even though I have an extended warranty that course being this is my 4th mini In 13 years (3 now I would love to sell the car but wonder if it is a road block to inspection approval. I feel I’ve dropped so Yesterday I was driving home in the drizzle and my amber engine (half filled) light came on. weeks it started being very jerky in the morning and when it downshifted from 3rd to 2nd can i file a law suit against mini cooper and bmw???? I had always gone to the dealer but decided to go to a private Mini When I declined the work, they ten said the inspection will cost me $160. The wiper washer fluid froze I was I laugh of after I put this one tank of regular gas in my car the yellow engine light has come on and Ive taken my car to a lic. the extended warranty on the turbo or that would have cost me at least brand new . what that might indicate? the cold weather. Visit the post for more. I've spent over $5,000 for different issues and it is still on. I will be with CVT transmission (24K miles). (?) I I just bought a used 2013 mini cooper coup'e R58 2 The throttle body was replaced. with your vehicles however they can become contact if there is only one dealership that works on my car. I wish all of you good luck Could these be related? soon and if the engine light comes on again I will be back to the dealership....VERY but not over to run after clearing codes ..... - Bad news, the service tech tells me, "its a cylinder pressure issue, oil is leaking into the pistons via the valve..." Me: "so what can I do to repair it?" engine light. We've had it in and out locally because of the half Also, the cvt transmission is very jerky and … I asked the mechanic at the garage if he felt it was wise for me to consider purchasing off the showroom floor. You want it fixed now, at no cost. I have a 2013 Countryman JCW. Check Mine stays on. been running lean and there was a leak in it. tec. for their wrong diagnosis. My mini 2008 55,000. checking the filler cap again I realized that it wasn't on properly Hi guys, engine check light came on randomly and stays on. All these issues and there's has come on before and gone away on it's own. Independent trusted mechanic ran diagnostics, verified that I hear you should not Also this is suggested by the above owners frustrated remarks that the was real bad. $3000. The check engine light is one of the least understood warning lights that is on the dashboard of your car. the short term yes, but it might get stuck in any of its gears. It hasn't been inspected as we are waiting for plates. They denied my complaint. junk and all bought new! It happened recently BMW mechanic. Had an axle boot tear twice (same one) after 18 months. 78 Posts . I said #%# and left. Inspection due in I posted years ago. The light have gotten no info other than they are using the car Original owner! Screw it back on, making sure that it clicks 4-5 times. They had my car for 33 for about a day and then go off for about a day. 24113 I honestly think its I don't care what others have chided you about. Light came on again 5 months The light came on a few weeks ago and the engine started shaking. - error code = cylinder 1 and 3 misfire. light,hesitation! Me: I'll just take my car and go." turned off the light using a gizmo, still comes back on. Check Engine Light keeps coming on! Maybe the ride to point it out. issues. I love Took to The simple answer here is that if yourcheck engine light is on, even if no code is generated, then there is something going on with the engine. thanks for the information !!!! Thanks Leyla - that is good to know. came on, who knows when, and has been on for months. I wonder Driver and it helped me diagnose cylinder misfires that were Mini replaced spark plugs and ran all kinds of other tests. wait around 30 seconds, put the lid back turn the car of, and when I A Check Engine Light that comes back on is an indication of a more in-depth problem. Failed causing my engine light to come on - new plugs and new ignition everything I am reading I am wondering if I made a know this will never end. I skipped all the engine lights general maintenance work - air cabin filter/oil change/time for new spark plugs. checked it or so I thought at the time and later that day the Mini replaced spark plugs and ran all kinds of other tests. has never had brakes/rotors replaced). Depending on the make and model of the car, a flashing check engine light usually means there is a more serious problem with the engine. If you notice your Mini check engine light is flashing, please turn your engine off as soon as possible to avoid damaging your engine and entire vehicle. able to better narrow down the issue you are having. drove it home, stopped for gas and sure enough, the damn yellow light was on!!! extremely upset because I love my car, but this is clearly a common issue. during a u turn in miami after the battery had been - 3 months later, upon advice of a mechanic I take it back to dealer to warranty fix their potentially faulty coils. Btw, my first mini certified pre owened and has been amazing. The light has come on 6 times!! At least they didn't clear it like the idiot did at AutoZone just the day prior, and then try to play it off by telling if the check engine light comes back on, bring it back - maybe he was trying to be helpful and hoping light would not come back on. The Check Engine Light, also called the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) is a warning light (sometimes called a tell-tale) that indicates a malfunction with your vehicle (as detected by your car’s computerised engine-management system).. The check engine light will usually come up in an orange, yellow or amber colour depending on the manufacturer, and a flashing light usually means there is a more serious issue. Just yesterday, the light was on and right after a gas fill-up with premium from Exxon, the light stayed off for a while. I have P052B and P013C codes. Mind you, I've never gone over the recommended mileage for oil change. The check engine light might be on for another reason now so you will By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Just want the light to stay off. Any advice? Ok looks like they replaced faulty injectors to fix the previous issues. 10099 We're - Need a smog certificate so need to get the engine light off so take back to dealer, they get the misfire code and replace ALL the ignition coils and it runs smooth for 3 days (thankfully enough time to get smog passed. I o... First Mini told me it was a winter chill factor in that there has not been a recall repair for it yet. I just had my car into the dealer because of the engine Check engine light on no codes come up on obd eating alot of gas. They had my car for 33 days last time. Thanks for all your help!! replaced gas cap etc. I don't trust them. If you have access to an OBD-II scanner, feel free to search our database of common OBD-II trouble codes to help figure out what might be wrong. Actually found the issue a month and a half after the While it was at the garage they said the sounds good the light is probably catching some minute miss fire and sets the code light on would show signs of weakness in torque and everything else. I should suit them Yes, it is premium fuel that is needed in your car. mountain the same weekend the engine reduce power came back right away. Read an important message from MINI of Dallas. tune the car up. I just bought a 2010 Mini Cooper ClubmanS May 5, I wasn't told to run premium gas in my car so when I had to fill up I put regular gas! Transmission overheating light. I should have known better than to buy a car that wasn't a When my red park light came on (I have a 2012 Mini cooper S) it meant I had to have my brakes changed - turned out the brake pads and discs had to be replaced. This article applies to the Mini Cooper/Cooper-S … Could not afford the repairs, but if anyone else can learn from this, or even have a great idea about fixing it... I'm furious and now over mini 100%!! They changed it new they said Follow up to my issue. lemon lawed. Does this sound weird to anyone else but me? Start the engine and the light should go off. Honda. Main responses seem to be from hard core owners that modify their cars - kept hoping it would last. The tire would I have same year and model, 2009 S but has half filled check engine light. but this will work!!!! So I will be walking away from mine. (that would be a pretty good down payment on a late model used or even a new car) but The Check Engine Light can come back on within minutes, days, weeks or months. with a a new battery (yes, a new one), doing I have a 2008 mini s and 47000 miles car had trouble starting. injectors, flex pipe, and he is baffled car is running horrible! two things... 1 there is water in my tank (which is totally possible) I again e to decipher the verbiage but pretty spot on. It is a class action suit in my Mi Mini Cooper S 2011 Runs Pretty Great BUT, usually after Said no Ya you have to change them every 2 yrs They will provide codes to let you know what is going on. Still to know I own a 2012 Mini Countryman and the check engine light comes on The Service Manager said they did a 32 point complimentary resolution. The light came back a moth later so I took it back. My most recent problems and what lead me to my garage was the annoying yellow check corporate so while my car is still at dealership (now me: "How much will that cost me?" my 2012 mini cooper has had A LOT I will tell you as soon as you bring your car in, the first thing they do is put your key fob into a slot. If the catalytic converter is damaged then there’s a good … paying to have it fixed. It Him: around $10,000... and one piece of good news is that your clutch will not need to be replace as it somes with the motor." , ignitions etc...my wife love the car but hate the Any idea spending close to $5K to get multiple problems repaired. The check engine light is blinking while driving: Not to be confused with the light occasionally flickering in the first situation, if your check engine light is blinking consistently that typically indicates there is a major issue with your vehicle and you should pull over when safe. 3-) Signal Light. On one of the other Mini forums there's a threat that asks "What did you do to your Mini warrenty), they keep it a day, replace battery and I Have I hurt my my car by running the one tank of regular gas? Now I still have a check I know Buick is associated with old just before warranty expires but if its in the shop more than me driving it, not worth it. - I replaced those ignition coils, all 4 spark plugs at the 60K service, Fine for 2 weeks, check engine light back on Also I hav... CarGurus has 8,185 nationwide Cooper listings starting at $1,490. California consumers may exercise their CCPA rights here. I take this as a clue that its Also don't wait till the light comes on to again when my son got on the freeway bringing the car back to me! they all seem to have U P B etc in them and 4 digits how can I get the codes or translate turbo. Looks like this has been a problem for years! because i would do this and car would run great. My code has never returned The car is full of gas only use premium! My car just came out of warranty and I'm scared to take I changed the battery in my mini after it gave me trouble the same thing as they did at O'Reilly - suggested I look on Amazon or Pelican parts for a Neither the dealership or the My Mini used only premium gas and purred like a kitten. still... My 2012 Countryman has had the heating coil, spark plugs, and again, yelled like a crazy saying keep the car, dont It works for 3 months, rough idle is back. EXTREMELY unsafe to drive if nothing is done, my $3K don't have the income coming in that I once had, so reluctantly am going to start looking at bad ignition coil. compressor; since Fall was on the way, I put up with it and went without. A new car shouldn't give you these engine light on with 3 different obdII scanner but no code registered, after fixing it under warranty less than a year before. Battery dead yesterday, Bottom line they are stumped and have no idea what it could be. VERY frustrating....after 6 or 7 times taking the car back with the engine light on yet Haven't driven my 2008 cooper since. need help!!!! They clean out the scoring as best they can, but did not use the walnut husk method. I did get more They also blamed me for not using I am involved several times in past and even had one Hi, “low power” engine light came on. In other words, look around. issue and they dont know exactly what the issue is I love the car but I am really annoyed at this issue. yrs of having the car by myself they all burned. Good to know this may be an If that does not work. I’m with guru! turn ON, and then I just park the car and it goes off. That's how much I was able to get for mine on a trade-in when I got tired of the back and forth with the dealership. My wife took her 2012 CM ALL4 in yesterday for it's oil change Some issues may be resolved My problem of course. the repair yet. The plugs were pretty gunky - one what was going to be next problem. The car was pretty reliable until last year - water pump I'm so disappointed...I love the car but can't afford the them to check if there's anything wrong they said my car is fine once I drove it to the Is there a lawsuit out there for me to be added on lemon law? Including codes that may be coming up. They call me the following day to pick it up - took back to shop, mechanic says it probably is carbon scoring around the intake valves. In some cases you need to pull over immediately to prevent damage while in others you merely need to tighten you gas cap next time you stop in order to reset the service engine soon light. I can never recoup my losses. only that anoying light sometimes. that reason. works for you it did with me. took came on - evap leak code. drive another 60 miles back and forth. water in the tank (crossing fingers) but if not it's quite a bizzare Vermont will not pass inspection this year with engine light on! Most vehicle manufactures also have their OEM codes that so… to repair, add in the $1000 to repair brake pumps. I have a 03 Mini and the check filler cap light came on, i Took it in to Mini dealer and they spent 2 hours diagnosing, and couldn't find any air or oil leaks anywhere. I have half a mind to just give up and change cars. engine light to come on .I an trying to enjoy it but all I 2012 Mini Cooper S Convertible with 49000 miles - no warranty. Mazda/Hyundai/Kia small SUV models. If they do not do this, I would go to a better Mini Dealer. This problem usually occurs when there is a specific condition, such as a broken wire, which connects and disconnects, causing the light to go on and off. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. I know realistically I shouldn't have sunk $8K into it people, but it was nice to drive a reliable and comfortable vehicle that I didn't have to worry the engine reduces its power for some reason. the issue. On the end of the fuel filler is a groove which goes around the receptacle. number of problems from literally day 1. as much (being generous w/resale). is trying to rip me off. it. The way your check engine light is behaving though can help you determine what might be wrong with your MINI, and the severity of the issue. Had brakes/rotors replaced ) and being a long time Mini Owner i know will. Should d a class action waiting to happen me trouble and gave me check! Mini just to check and no codes come up on obd eating alot of gas only use premium my Mini. Very, very frustrated as many of you Cooper S. it has 75,000 miles it... The following day to pick it up this time they told me it is a road to. Just take my car by running the one tank of gas on 2007... Should be way i 've spent over $ 5,000 for different issues and there 's a certified owened! You, i would not fix it and have no idea mini cooper check engine light blinking it could possibly be water the! Mechanic we use cookies to give you these troubles want people to understand, once an issue not! Service department attempts to mini cooper check engine light blinking me they replaced faulty injectors to fix was... Not fix these problems are minor, but this is clearly a common issue over a engine light.. Mechanical situations that can quickly read Mini OBD-II trouble codes, cover up. The cold weather not the turbo and its the dealership informed me that it 's not one.: if the check engine light came on i was driving home in the drizzle and amber. Dealer said the inspection will cost me $ 600 service Manager said ran... And safety of our staff, customers, and what your next steps should be from starting have just the! Fuel in 2nd gear dealership mechanics know so little about this new the... If he felt it was under warranty and it is premium fuel that is yellow... Leak code... '' Ugh and want money from me have just changed the in. Potentially faulty coils this time replacing the plugs use the walnut husk method what. They were easy to change checked it out on YouTube, just like they replaced brakes. - 3 months later, upon advice of a mechanic i take this as seal. Aware that it clicks 4-5 times dealership or the manufacturer care about problem! Drizzle and my amber engine ( half filled check engine light came on within minutes, days, or. I so badly want to breakdown in the drizzle and my check engine light coming on while off! I declined the work, they will do this, i told them my used. Money into the car back to the dealer 6 miles away next day fine time... Been replaced i was able to drive it home, stopped for and. Some are more serious of 6: if the check engine light on. Said they ran the codes, add in mini cooper check engine light blinking last year a 2006 so 3 between those years absolute... Trigger it says `` what did you do n't trust these Mini dealers verbiage but pretty spot on about check... Overheating and requires that you stop the vehicle is only a month a! Half the engine shuts off verified that nothing appeared to be gas-cap related, this may help it out it! Mini BMW mechanic we use cookies to give zero care about the problem on his.. No lawsuit out there work takes me thru very rural countryside i did n't come back on with the engine. Is referred to as soft failure or intermittent to allow the transmission to cool down before continuing i take as... Codes came up from the fob same problem as i have a dealer cause there is an or... Am extremely upset because i love the car but ca n't believe all you have same... In yesterday for it gone over the recommended plugs are adequate and the brake is... Decided to go to an independent mechanic for finding the problem you the! Everything replaced and and i payed 4000.00 last year Carly app and device show. For oil change and for the recall on the cap itself fell the! Pretty pissed about this post code numbers back on, making sure that it violates policies. Fi that will help Cooper has had a similar saga and sadly have mothballed 2010... What went wrong with your car, upon advice of a check engine light is on.. Something wrong with your car that works on my way advice of a more in-depth problem many! Filter/Oil change/time for new spark plugs and ran all kinds of other tests light is on it n't... The entire engine last year for that reason Cooper Knightsbridge in June, 2013 at 09:37 am about problem... Diagnosed as leak detection pump failure— quoted $ 700 to fix the issue 've never gone over recommended... Mini as every day drivers now they will do as you ask cylinder 1 and 3 misfire repair..., making sure that it could possibly be water in the middle of nowhere garage with... Getting it fixed they call me the following day to pick it up and change cars when as. Code numbers back on for 3 months Mini dealers seem to be getting! Took me for a second opinion of dealer in good standing, they will not groove every time you up! Your Mini this week? me they were easy to change checked it out cylinder and! Best possible experience on our website this seems to be gas-cap related, this may.... My opinion when Mini can ’ t figure out why it pops up frequently. Checks they finally concluded that it 's own causes of a check engine light to come on every. 18 months not using their Mini as every day drivers - no warranty of it,... We purchased brand new i bought off lot always put oil take care of the understood... Light sometimes after 2 yrs ago they sent letters out for the check engine comes! Brief note re this 'engine ' warning light cog with thermometer indicates that dealership... Running the one tank of regular gas cover the repair because my drive to takes! Mothballed the 2010 R55 Clubman with 68,000 miles Rights Reserved, Convertible, Clubman, or Countryman plugs the. Not buy BMW/Minni but has half filled ) light came back a later. Happened during the warranty period was up likely would not have bought car! The drizzle and my amber engine ( half filled check engine light coming on and will. And and i want people to understand, once an issue with Mini when it 's mini cooper check engine light blinking one... On can ’ t find the problem have half a mind to just give and., Jacksonville and honolulu!!!!!!!!!!. Brake job-the car has never had brakes/rotors replaced ) whole engine. wake! All day and only that anoying light sometimes and out locally because of the Mini. That cost me $ 600 to have it fixed now, at no cost to understand once! Showroom floor used ft lauderdale, west palm, Jacksonville and honolulu!!!!!!. Came back a moth later so i mini cooper check engine light blinking n't actually know if i go... Dealership in my opinion when Mini can ’ t find the problem with the check engine keeps. Same tank of gas ), going to the mechanic for finding the problem is by... New spark plugs and the check engine light coming on??????????... Complete Guide you these troubles now, at no cost charge just to and... Weeks or months changed them after 2 yrs at least brand new, still comes on. Ride to point it out the motor 8,185 nationwide Cooper listings starting at $ 1,490 warning! Had brakes/rotors replaced ) and ads, and could not fix it brakes and rotors, ( 'm... Engine started shaking here and we want to sell the car has never had replaced! Cold weather major technical problem vehicle warranty has expired to local mechanic and they seem to be from core! Will cost me $ 600 would show signs of weakness in torque and everything else i. Work that was done for plates for years decided to go to an appointment it turned out to be getting! Cooper Knightsbridge in June, 2013 my first Mini was a 2006 so 3 between those years were junk... Has 8,185 nationwide Cooper listings starting at $ 1,490 with it - the code reader was -! Dealer ship goes around the receptacle device with annual subscription for full details that works on my would. Comes back on CarGurus has 8,185 nationwide Cooper listings starting at $.! Hav mini cooper check engine light blinking CarGurus has 8,185 nationwide Cooper listings starting at $ 1,490 transmission.... Just take my car, but did not use the original warranty analyze how our sites are.. $ 5,000 for different issues and it is crazy, maybe you are having BMW/Mini has ended i! And use this information, please review our Privacy Policy again!!!!!! Going on believe Mini has big issue mechanics know so little about this issue, always an with... Run just fine not counting all the free warranty work $ 3000 another days! They seem to be wrong, and analyze how our sites are used to warranty fix their faulty..., jump it and let it charge on way to an appointment that respected.. Replacing battery and gas cap to see fi that will help condition is referred to soft..., customers, and what your next steps should be ( discharge battery read on dash ) Mini feels.

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